Upcoming Events

The Cassville Dispensary hosts a variety of local events to educate patients and caregivers about different options availble to them.  Check back here regularly to see what new and exciting classes are being offered at the dispensary or one of our trusted partners' locations. Expect to see options for home grow education, cooking, pain management, meditation, holistic healthcare and more.

When classes or events are available, you'll see them listed below. 

Have an idea for a class you're interested in? Email us and let us know! We hope to have a variety of classes on a regular patients to help patients manage their symptoms through not only medical marijuana but other pain management and community-oriented classes.

Sat, Dec 07
Cassville Dispensary
Home Cultivation Class
Learn to grow cannabis at home, legally, from one of Missouri's top experts.


The Dispensary, LLC is a medical marijuana dispensary in Cassville, Missouri. Our dispensary offers affordable, high quality products with a focus on patient education. Make us your medical home!

Led by a team of medical professionals and dedicated cannabis activists, The Dispensary, LLC, will provide the residents of Southwest Missouri with high quality, affordable medical marjiuana. Dr. Lisa Roark, MD, founder and CEO, is also providing patients with medical certifications at Roark Family Health in Cassville.


T: 417-665-1990

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L: 15335 State Highway 76

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