Never been to a dispensary before? No problem! We want you to have the most comfortable experience possible. We want you to know exactly how the dispensary process will go and what to expect to make sure your first time is relaxed and memorable. We promise you'll find our staff to be understanding, patient, and will help put you completely at ease while helping you find the medicine you need to feel better and live well.  

Notice: Due to rising cases of COVID-19, we have returned to a mandatory masking facility. Regardless of vaccine status, all staff and patients/visitors must wear a mask over their mouth and nose to enter our facility and leave it on through the duration of your visit.

If you cannot or choose not to mask, you are welcome to use our drive thru. You may place an order online or via phone.

Thank you for helping us keep our staff and your fellow patients safe during this new COVID surge.

First: Check in with Security.

When you come in, one of our security staff will be sitting at the front desk. You'll present your government issued photo ID and patient or caregiver MMJ card. A physical or digital copy of your patient/caregiver card is fine. Security will get you a spot in line and ask you to take a seat in the lobby. 

If you would rather, you can take a buzzer and wait outside, in your vehicle, or at Pot of Coffee coffee shop next door (10% off with a buzzer or your Cassville Dispensary receipt every day!) Your buzzer will vibrate, make sound and flash lights when it's your turn. 

Second: Go to the Sales Floor. 

Security will then escort you through the secure door back to the sales floor to make your purchase. You'll show your Patient Care Associate your government-issued photo ID and your MMJ card. Now is the fun part! If you know what you'd like, they'll fill your order right there in front of you, including weighing your flower out for you to see. 

If you don't know what you'd like, our staff are well-trained and ready to assist you. They'll ask you a series of questions about what you're needing to medicate for and offer suggestions, dosages, and instructions to get the relief you need. You can also take a free Medication Journal to track what you like and what works and what doesn't suit your needs. 

Third: Check Out

Once you're done shopping, we'll bag up your purchase, print your receipt and send you on your way. Your options to pay include cash and debit cards (with PIN). If you pay with cash, there is no additional fee. If you pay with a debit card, you can use our cashless ATM terminals on the sales floor. If you use a card, we will round your purchase up to the nearest five dollar increment, run your card, and give you change back. Please note there is a $3 fee associated with the cashless ATM terminals, and that not inclusive of ATM fees your bank may charge you. If you'd like to use a credit card (with PIN), we have a traditional ATM in our lobby for your convenience (for a fee). 

Fourth: Exit and Plan Your Next Visit

You'll leave through the same door you came in! Go home and enjoy your meds, and make a plan to see us again!

Special Note for Caregivers:

The first time you come in, please bring a copy (picture is fine) of the patient you are a caregiver for's ID. We will need a copy of their government-issued photo ID and MMJ card the first time you come in, as well as your government-issued photo ID and caregiver MMJ card. On return visits, you'll need your government-issued photo ID, Caregiver MMJ card and the patient's MMJ card. 

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