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The Dispensary, LLC, better known as Cassville Dispensary is a medical marijuana dispensary in Cassville, Missouri. Our dispensary offers affordable, high quality products with a focus on patient education. Make us your medical marijuana home!

Led by a team of dedicated medical professionals, The Dispensary, LLC will provide the residents of Southwest Missouri with high quality, affordable medical cannabis. Dr. Lisa Roark, founder and CEO of The Dispensary, LLC, has been helping medical marijuana patients from the beginning as an avid supporter of Amendment 2 prior to it passing into law. Dr. Roark is also helping patients with medical certifications at Roark Family Health in Cassville and via telehealth. No telehealth or other certifications will happen at the dispensary.


Cassville Dispensary opened our doors for THC sales in October 2020. 

We have our location and our dedicated staff ready to help patients. Stop by today. Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information about our application process.

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