When our dispensary opens its doors, we guarantee you will find the highest quality, locally grown and manufactured products at a reasonable price. We will also be partnering with area non-profits to help assist low-income and underage patients who cannot afford their medicine. We always want to hear feedback from you, our valued patients, regarding what you'd like to see on our shelves to help you feel better and live your life to the fullest, naturally. Email us at info@cassvilledispensary.com to ask about products or give us feedback on what would help you.


The Dispensary, LLC is a medical marijuana dispensary in Cassville, Missouri. Our dispensary offers affordable, high quality products with a focus on patient education. Make us your medical home!


Led by a team of medical professionals and dedicated cannabis activists, The Dispensary, LLC, will provide the residents of Southwest Missouri with high quality, affordable medical marjiuana. Dr. Lisa Roark, MD, founder and CEO, is also providing patients with medical certifications at Roark Family Health in Cassville.


T: 417-665-1990

E: info@cassvilledispensary.com

L: 15335 State Highway 76

    Cassville, MO 65625


Monday - Saturday 9a.m.-6p.m. 

Closed Sunday